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Everybody struggles at times with their relationships.  


The arrival of a child, depression, infertility, an affair, anxiety, abortion, bereavement, redundancy and illness are just a few of the many things that bring people to therapy.


Psychotherapy gives you a place to share and discover your feelings. It enables a better understanding of oneself, and with it the possibility of deep rooted and long lasting change.



The initial hour long consultation is an opportunity to explore your situation and mutually decide whether working together would be helpful.


If so, we arrange to meet weekly at a regular time. Ongoing sessions last 50 minutes and are

payable for on the day.



Psychodynamic therapy:  The focus is on allowing acknowledgment, expression, understanding and overcoming of negative and contradictory feelings and repressed emotions.  Understanding how the past affects the present leads to improved relationships and better sense of self. 

Psychosexual therapy This approach includes some aspects of psychodynamic work.

Where applicable this will be combined with a more behavioural, directive approach. which on occasions may mean homework exercises.


Couple 50+ :  To read more about this specialist programme for couples approaching retirement please click on More at top of page. 

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